Love That Dog

Love that Dog  Sharon Creech


Benjamin Zephaniah calls this “the book that cannot be pigeonholed.” First person, not chapters but diary entries and set out in something like free verse. Read this first for yourself, as a teacher. Follow the story of one child’s changing attitude towards poetry, and then introduce him to your class. This book is a natural read aloud. Think about reading it when you are teaching poetry and following the example of Miss Stretchberry.  If you look, you have a scheme of work set out for you right in these pages.

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The story is intriguingly full of gaps, and so good to discuss and to share the filling in of the implied and the inferred. It is alluringly brief, but I find that readers return to certain pages repeatedly.


Sharon Creech has also written Hate that Cat  and Heartbeat, both in a similar style. If you really don’t get on with this, don’t give up on her. She has written some great novels in more conventional style. Try Chasing Redbird, Ruby Holler or Walk Two Moons.